Hockey Contacts

ChairAli Wardale
Deputy ChairRussell Williams
Finance DirectorEmily Radcliffe
Operations DirectorJudith Masters
Governance DirectorNik Bentley
Co-opted DirectorShuhel Malique

Functional Committee Chairs
Adult Leagues and CompetitionsRosemary Prince
Junior Leagues and CompetitionsSally Tippen
Officiating Nick Meakin
MastersKim Hansen
DisciplineMick Pullin

Adult Leagues and Competitions
ChairRosemary Prince
League SecretaryChris Perry
CSM ManagerPhil Churchman
PR Officer
IndoorBen Whibley

Divisional Secretaries 
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Junior Leagues and Competitions
ChairSally Tippen
Junior Co-ordinatorSue Owen
Indoor LeadSam Menear
Schools LeadVacant
County Junior Hockey CompsVacant
Committee MemberCharlie Farrow

ChairNick Meakin
Appointments LeadBev Budd
Club Liaison LeadsAmii Bonner and Eliot Bates 
Head of DevelopmentRay Allum
Young Umpire LeadWill Davey
Technical Officiating LeadJanet Sutton
Budget OfficerSteve Mayhew

ChairKim Hansen

Area Discipline AdministratorMick Pullin
Asst Area Discipline AdministratorsPeter Goulton

Rod Larwood

Philip Ingall 

James Wallis