Masters in the East Area

Information on Masters Hockey in the East Area


A warm welcome to East Masters’ hockey.

Masters’ hockey is available for all players aged 35 and upwards, based on 5 & 10-year age bands, from Over 35 up to Over 65 for women and Over 35 up to Over 80 for the men  It’s great fun, achieves high standards of play and provides opportunities for the more mature player to play with those in their own peer groups.

The adoption of England Hockey’s ‘A Structure Fit for the Future’ has already resulted in wholesale changes in the way Masters’ Hockey is structured and how it will be governed going forward, perhaps the major change being the move from 5 Regions to 8 new Areas. The East Masters’ Committee has new bosses now in the form of the newly formed East Hockey Ltd and this has brought about some long overdue standardisation of processes and governance. A listing of current East Masters’ Committee members is available in the Masters’ Hockey Contacts section of the website.

I can confirm, however, that the East Masters Committees’ raison d’etre remains as was – ‘to monitor, oversee, create and increase the playing opportunities open to all Masters’ within the East Area’.

The following is a brief list of the activities available to masters’ players within the East Area.

  • Trialling for and if successful representing an East Area Age Group squad [women or men] to compete in the annual Inter-Area tournaments, held in spring/early summer.
  • Trialling for and if successful representing an East County Age Group squad [women or men] to compete in the annual East Area County Tournaments [for Women Over 40’s and Men Over 40’s and Over 50’s] held in March / April each year.
  • Play for your Club in a One-day East Club Tournament for Men O40’s held in early September.
  • Partake in one of a number of ‘local’ intra-County / Club tournaments that are organised on a purely friendly basis.

Many of the Clubs affiliated to the East Area also compete in the annual EH Masters’ Age Group Championship tournaments, both winter and summer. In addition, several of our most southerly Clubs compete in the London Area Masters’ Leagues and several other Clubs have Masters’ teams playing in the Adult Leagues.

We are in the process of finalising our Area Age Group Team Managers for 2022 and the contact details of those who have been appointed for each age group is available in the Representative Teams section of the website.

We are also in the process of organising the Inter County Tournaments for 2022 and the contact details of the County Managers for each age group is similarly available.

Pitchero Player Registration

We are very keen to make it as easy as possible for our County and Area managers to have access to all player contact details in order to be able to pass on appropriate age group updates and trials information in a timely fashion. This information is currently unavailable via GMS due to its delayed implementation. We are thus asking that all Masters’ players, who have not already done so, to register [join] on the East Masters’ Pitchero website. To register on Pitchero, just click on the join button and follow the instructions given:-             

 Unfortunately, and with apologies, we will be asking players to re-register on GMS when this is available for player registration.

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