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Expenses Update 2022

Although Umpires can enter mileage and Match Reports into GMS it is not yet possible to Submit Expenses for payment. This has been reported to East Region Finance Officer.

Last Updated: 4th October 2022

Pool Umpires - Sat 1st Oct

 Hopefully all appointed umpires have either been contacted by the home club or have made contact themselves, as clubs have no access to appointments or the contact details of umpires. If you can remember your colleague as well that will help.

After 1st Oct

I have no accurate record of October’s appointments, only a rough draft, and have made some changes since entering them. So, to help out in case GMS is still down, can Pool umpires send me;

  1. A list of matches that you think you have been appointed to
  2. Colleagues if you can remember
  3. Availability for November

If there are any gaps it should then be possible to fill them and we should be able to post appointments on the appointments area on this website.

If there are any problems please email or phone.

Bev Budd - East Appointments Secretary 07789 357130

Last Updated: 29th September 2022

New Umpiring Shirts

The New England Hockey umpire shirts are now live, these are available in 2 colours (Oranges & Green). When buying your shirts, you're required to choose your officiating area which will then have the Area logo added to the shirt. You can also personalise the back of your shirts with your name. 

Umpire Shirt without personalisation 

Green Shirt
Orange Shirt

Umpire Shirt with personalisation

Green Shirt
Orange Shirt

Last Updated: 26th September 2022

Role & Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Area Officiating Committee (AOC) are:

  • To recruit, develop and assess neutrally appointed umpires and umpire support.
  • To appoint officials to EH Area Leagues and EH Competitions.
  • To support the recruitment, and development of Club umpires, working with Cluster Leads and Umpire Club Developers to deliver workshops and members evenings and to facilitate the assessment of umpires.
  • To recruit and educate young umpires, provide opportunities for their development and progress to Adult League and Competitions appointments.
  • To deliver Technical Official education and opportunities for TO development in Clubs and to recommend TO appointments to Leagues and Competitions.