East Area Umpiring Panels


Umpiring Courses

The Level 1 Umpiring Courses are provided by England Hockey and delivered in a 2 hour session virtually. To book onto a course & Find out more about the Umpiring Courses visit Umpiring Courses | England Hockey


The Head of Development for the East is Ray Allum. Ray & his team will be supporting umpires, coaches and assessors access all possible support for progression and improving their knowledge of the game and officiating. Their details can be seen at the bottom of this page.

We are really keen for clubs to put forward nominations for umpires to receive first coaching and then assessments. We would like everyone to be able enjoy and learn how to be an umpire, along with developing umpires to be able to become a coach or assessor themselves.

If you're interested in progressing to a level 2 in the East Area, here is the process:

  1. First instance, contact your County Lead. Their names & contact details can be found below.
  2. The County Lead will arrange the appropriate coaching and assessment to ensure a candidate is ready.
  3. When the umpire is ready; the County Lead will nominate the umpire to the Head of Development.
  4. The Head of Development will arrange an assessment on an appropriate game. In order to pass the assessment the candidate should demonstrate that they have the skills and fitness level to cope with a Level 2 appointment.
  5. Following passing your Level 2 award, it will be ratified by the East Area Development Committee.

County Leads for Club Umpire Development

Most counties have now appointed level 1 coordinators to assist with the Head of Development with county coaching & assessments. 

Beds/Herts - Iain Fletcher

Cambs - Tim Gregson

Essex - Andy Poulain

Lincolnshire - Eliot Bates

 Suffolk - Steve Mayhew

Norfolk - Peter Woodrow