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Proposed Divisions 2024 - 2025

Please find below the link to the final proposed divisions for the 2024 2025 Mr Cricket Hockey East Area Adult Hockey Leagues. 

These have been compiled based on the entries received up to the deadline of 01 May 2024 and some feedback received since the draft publication. 

We know not everyone will be happy with the allocations, these have been done in accordance with the regulations and where departure has been made where the committee are happy and ALL clubs impacted are in agreement. We have tried to maximize the number of matches played so have eradicated all 8 team divisions where the risk of a team dropping out can lead to bigger gaps.

This year has been one of the hardest we've seen in a while with extra relegations, promotions, complete mismatches in team numbers from division 1 into quadrants and teams dropping out all over the place, this set of divisions represents the ALMCs final intended set of divisions, and unless there is a definitive "mistake" against the regulations or a team actually missing, any further request or complete should be treated as an appeal through the formal process. 

Any comments should be sent to the ALMC comprising Chris, Rosemary, Richard and myself.

Final Divisions


Revision 3 Uploaded 02 July 2024

Teams Impacted since Rev 2

Mens: London Royals 4s, Chelmsford 8

Ladies: Maldon 2s, Havering 2s