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Promotion & Relegation Guidance

With the majority of the league schedule now complete, the promotion and relegation situation has now solidified. Relegation from the National Conferences has now been confirmed with three teams dropping down from the Mens league and one from the Ladies. This has had a knock on effect requiring five relegations from Mens Prem, with the normal three on the ladies side. 

All grade two matches in East are now complete so the "pyramid" is set with fixed numbers going up and down, once again there is a significant imbalance dropping into the quadrants, its easier to view on the tables themselves so please click on the link below. 

It should be noted, as of todays dates these are reflective of applying the league regulations as a purely mathematical exercise to indicate where the lines go. There are bound to be one or two issues where due to the number of teams from one club in a division limits things may change, or more teams may drop out or move quadrant, but the mark up is accurate based on the authors current understanding. 

We would note there are still games to be played, including at least two games with relegation consequences, there are also a number of ongoing reviews into complaints, so as above, things may change, but its not expected that the promotion and relegation lines will move significantly if at all. 

As always, any questions do please ask, either via email or the comments section on our various social media outlets. 

Draft Promotion / Relegation Zones